To Do List

Cadaver Study - Fluoro and mocap data from 3 cervical spines with total disc replacements. Data was collected while each spine was taken through a full range of motion (FE, AR, LB).

Use existing JointTrack tools to do perform image registration on cervical spine implants.

Only tracked implants, using edge based algorithm.

Finished - presented at SAS 2007 (Berlin)

Develop Metric - combining edge information with intensity info (gradient + MI)

Create Testing Framework (pythonic JointTrack) - flexible platform for prototyping new registration method

Compare Metric - to published results from other groups using Gold-Standard dataset.

Finished - submitted to ORS 2010

Using data from phase 1, track vertebral bodies to determine effectiveness of the metric and registration developed in phase 2.

Modified registration program that i used for phase 2 so that it can handle the data management tasks of phase 3. The main difference between this phase and phase 2 is that there are significantly more images involved (45 per trial, 3 trials per spine, 3 spines, 4 vertebral bodies)